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Beyonce Hot Bikini Passion Play for Drunky Kind of Love

We linked out to these yesterday, but I wanted a second day of appreciation and a chance to put Beyonce looking her absolute finest in our archive which will someday serve as the annals of record for sextastic celebrities at the dawn of the new millennium.  I mean, assuming our $50 servers don't crash permanently again. I really do need to remember to run that backup, but it's just never the right time.

Beyonce got wet and bikini wild in her Drunk in Love music video, one of the many she released at her midnight 'make me $20 million' barn burner of an album release last week. Even Beyonce was quite excited by her own hot self, her headlights proudly beaming through her wet bikini. And why not? If I was Beyonce, I'd never leave the sight of a mirror, nor spend a moment without my favorite toys nearby. Occasionally, I'd take a break from self-pleasure to make some green, but outside of that, lots and lots of baths. Enjoy.

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