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Bella and Dani Thorne Model for Sherri Hill

I'm not exactly sure how many of these Thorne sisters there are descended upon Hollywood, but this Sherri Hill label photoshoot involved Bella Thorne, and her sister, Dani Thorne, not to be confused with Kaili Thorne who we saw nekkid last week. No, this is a bit less risque as the Thorne sisters go. But, keep in mind, Sherri Hill was the stepping stone the Jenner sisters used to progress into far more grown up bikini and revealing clothing line shoots. So, if you're a prognosticator, keep that in the back of your mind.

Bella Thorne is the go-to Disney starlet of the moment. Her other sisters can certainly grab a coattail and make a little coin as well. All is well in the land of teen modeling. Fear not, I stand guard, 24x7 like the Night's Watch.

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