Alessandra Ambrosio Deep Cleavage for Her Own amFAR Gala Goodies

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The amFAR event really did bring out the best in the lovely ladies that attended, including Alessandra Ambrosio who took to the red carpet in a cleavetastic dress, showing off much of her natural wares.

At some point I need to figure out how to throw a party that gets all these same girls to show up to my place dressed to the nines and flashing their finest. I think the first step is to maybe pretend I live somewhere nicer. The second step is to call my party an Inspirational Gala. And the third step is to have a solid plan to leave the country when my ruse is discovered. Probably about one minute after I inform the ladies like Alessandra that I need to inspect their tops for any potential hazardous material. I am a thorough host and Alessandra Ambrosio doth move me. Enjoy.

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