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Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures For Some Slender Girl Lovin' Time

I know some of you readers out there love the long and lean and lovely hot moms like Alessandra Ambrosio who cuts a slender silhouette in her black bikini in Miami over the weekend. Of course, I'd personally like to get Alessandra a couple or three sandwiches to put some meat on her bones, but she's always been the skinny au natural model girl from Brazil. This is who she is and I'm willing to accept her, even if it takes having her nekkid save for a couple knee high leather boots pressed into my chest giving me orders in her sexy accent.

MILFs come in all shapes and sizes, colors and forms. There's something about every one of them worth lusting. With Alessandra, I long for just about everything. I hope she wouldn't think me forward if I were to ask her to let me cover her body in sunscreen using nothing but my pinky and a whole lot of time. I could take days. Enjoy

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