Adriana Lima In More Wicked Hot Lingerie Black Lingerie in Subway Pictures

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Wow, we caught a few of these a few weeks ago, now a much more extended look at the Adriana Limablack dress and lingerie photoshoot in Numero Tokyo magazine. She's on a New York subway and she's in her little lacy skivvies, not exactly the memories I have in my head of riding the N.Y.C. underground. I did once see a homeless guy lick the subway car pole from bottom to nearly top and receive applause.

But the spectacularly sextastic Adriana Lima in cleavy hot little outfits is so so much better. If they ever want the subway system to catch on here in L.A., they ought consider this kind of upgrade to the rider experience. I'm prepared to pay an increased fare. Plus tips. Enjoy.

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