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Xbox One Brings a Little Magic to Your Monday Morning. Too Damn Much, in Fact (VIDEO)

Welcome to another working week. Let's greet it the only way we know how: with a drinking game. It's 9:20 in the morning here, and we don't usually start our heavy drinking until at least... 9:30, but hell, it is Monday. Alcohol is both encouraged and demanded.

So feast your eyes, ears and balls on the above. This is an extensive demo of Xbox One's fancy new interface, and this thing is magic. Apparently. Our excitable presenters miss no opportunity to tell us of the magic, of how magical these features are. Not since the days of wizardly little bastard Harry Potter have we seen so much magic. There's 'effing magic all over the place, right here.

If you take a drink each time they use the word in this twelve minute clip, you'll be mildly intoxicated. Alternatively, you could just take a look at some rather impressive new functionality coming our way. A spangly new Kinect that tracks our movements around the room during Skype calls? The ability to instantly record footage in-game, edit it, narrate it and share it with friends before seamlessly returning to play? Voice recognition seemingly not sucking ass? What a time to be alive.

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