When ‘Doctor Who’ and Video Games Collide, a Black Hole of Weirdness Results (VIDEO)

Doctor Who Video Games Header
Man, this guy gets around.

Yes indeed. The nerdly sci-fi aficionados among us (yes, you in the Battlestar Galactica-branded undercrackers, we mean you) had quite a event to celebrate last weekend: Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

This obscure, quaint slice of television from Merry Old England has become a global phenomenon, in a way other Britishness hasn’t. The rest of the world hasn’t yet embraced obsessive tea-drinking, or mass face-punching violence at sporting events. OR monarchs who spend their days waving rather limply at the commoners from the balcony of their voluminous palace.* But when it comes to a centuries-old time traveling alien in a Sixties-style police box, everyone wants a piece of that.

So, to celebrate this auspicious occasion, Did You Know Gaming brings us some of the best Doctor Who easter eggs in video games. Take a look above, and marvel at the fact that the Doctor and those bastard Daleks have appeared in everything from Rock Band to Pokémon.

Via Nerdist.

*Again, as Egotastic’s resident Englishman, I’m being strictly satirical.