Tati Neves Bikini Pictures for a Closer Look at Justin Bieber's Camera Ready Concubine

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Tait Neves is the Brazilian girl making big international waves today because she sort of kind of filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in a hotel room after the two apparently 'hooked up' (You can see the Sleeping Bieber Beauty Video here). Now, some are calling Tati a prostitute, and considering it looks like Justin might've plucked her out of a brothel, well, everybody has to have a profession. Still, I don't like labels and anybody who tells you that any sex is free, they're just not very honest accountants.

As long as we know her name, why not take a look at Tati in some of her candid bikini pictures. She's a woman alright. And if you don't think she has a resemblance (albeit bustier curvier and more pro) to Selena Gomez, you're not thinking like an Egotastic! detective and I may have to take away your tin shield. Enjoy.

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