Sony Promises to Bring a ‘New Age for Games’ on PlayStation 4 (VIDEO)

PS4 Launch Trailer New Age Header
Are you man enough for the new age? This guy is.

What are you doing, back there in the old age of games? You poor bastards. It’s probably not your fault, but you really do deserve to be enslaved or something. Perhaps there’s a hyper-intelligent race living beneath the surface of Mars that needs some mines dug. We sure as hell don’t want you on our planet any longer, still playing your primitive Xbox 360s. Begone, peasants!

Not our words. Sony’s words (although we may be paraphrasing). PlayStation 4 arrives later this very month, so how best to get us into a cash-splashing mood? With an over-excited new series of hypetastic trailers, that’s how.

The first of which being the rather-great-if-grammatically-horrible A New Age for Games on PS4 System. Feast your eyes, ears and balls on launch titles, details of exclusive content and more explosions than are strictly necessary above.