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Nina Agdal Bikini Body Keeps Getting Booked and Ogled

Danish Delight Nina Agdal is being booked for bikini and lingerie gigs about eight days a week right about now. She's just about the hottest model-get on the planet, with her perfect body providing the promotional platform every shmata maker in the world wants to employ to pimp their wares. And, each and every time, Nina delivers.

I'm not even sure which company it is today that's hired Nina to make their two-piece swimsuits looks ridiculously hot, but I bet their sales double as soon as these advertising photos are released. If I were a woman (dare to dream), I'd be purchasing with just the one to none percent chance that I'd end up looking like Nina on the beach by mere bikini association. It's a powerful draw that Agdal package. Working triple time these days. Enjoy.

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