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Me and Adult Film Star Brandy Aniston Getting Oral Today on Vivid Radio

Leave it to me to figure out how to get together with an adult film actress and just talk. But, indeed, today just after the 5pm hour here in L.A. I'll be exchanging oral with Brandy Aniston (@brandyaniston) talking all things sextastic celebrity in a completely uncensored fashion. Brandy is the star of numerous mature themed cinematic ventures, while I have self-produced a few self-starring titles including God, I Hope She Doesn't Think We're Getting Married, What's the Point of Foreplay, and Colonoscopy 7, the latter of which I did ask my doctor to destroy when I awoke from twilight sleep.

You can catch us today in the 5 o'clock (PST) hour on Vivid Radio on Sirius XM 102, In With Aniston show. You can dial-in at 1 855-99-VIVID if you are dying to ask a question or just say baba-booey on the air.

My dulcet tones have been compared to Miley Cyrus singing with a sinus infection. So you know you're in for a treat. Enjoy.

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