Max’s Sarcastic Life Hacks Will Waste Your Time (VIDEO)

Max Life Hacks
Come to Think Of It, That's What Most Hacks Do

Most life hacks aren’t really life hacks. They’re more like life traps. If you’ve actually tried doing a few because the presenter made it sound oh-so-good and seemingly so simple, then you’ll get what we mean.

Most of these so-called hacks actually just complicate things. No bottle opener? Simple. Buy one, order one from Amazon, or borrow one from your neighbor instead of using a bike or another bottle to get it open. Max of Hey Sticks is disenchanted with life hacks, too, so he went and made a video with a bunch of life hacks to show what a hack most of them are.

It’s a pretty roundabout way of making a point, but nonetheless, he still manages to. I guess you can call that another hack.