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Maria Menounos Booty Is a Wooty Worth Ogling

If I ever get the chance to meet our Grecian goddess Maria Menounos in person, I'm going to ask her how she manages to shape her booty into such exquisitely curved forms. Actually, my first question will be the standard 'Will you allow me to cover your entire nekkid body in Nutella and play hungry Italian school boy having breakfast?', then, the question about her booty. You don't get if you don't ask.

Maria was once more flashing her bottomside perfection in a form fitting dress on the set of Extra where her true bodily talents are almost entirely wasted for the largely female audience. Not that women don't appreciate a fine female arse, and when they appreciate it in a hands on manner, it truly is a beautiful thing. Still, the round and curvy butt remains largely the purview of the gentleman ogler who likes a healthy cushion on a smoking hot gal like Maria. It's what we ask Santa for once past the age of wanting LEGOs. Enjoy.

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