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Lisa Opie and Stefania Sita Bikini Candids for Playful Girlfriend Fantasy Time

There's no reason why two girl friends can't delight in bikini sun time together at the beach, getting close and adjusting each other's bikinis, without some guy like me standing nearby with a pair of binoculars drumming up all kinds of Sapphic leaning fantasies. Still, I don't intend to stop any time soon.

Former Miss Virgin Islands Lisa Opie and her hot model friend Stefania Sita took time out from their busy schedule of preening and posing for the cameras to preen and pose free of charge for the gentleman oglers down Miami Beach way. Looking at these two sextastic hot bodied models reminds me why I made the personal decision to cut out Speedos from my beach wardrobe circa 2003. There are just some things children should be protected from seeing. Though Lisa and Stefania should not be kept from anybody, they're turning boys into men as we speak. Enjoy.

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