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Kim Kardashian Packs Serious Junk In Her Trunk and Goes Shopping

Technically, I think she want spa'ing before she went shopping. Such is the life of Kim Kardashian who is once again showing off her curves around town after losing most, but definitely not all, of her baby weight.

Kim couldn't be wearing a tighter skirt or Spanx I suppose as she strutted around Beverly Hills with her camera crew in tow, reminding all the old money gals who the new money queen was. At one point it certainly looked like her tight skirt would split wide open, but presumably Kim's tailors know how to stitch a garment that can contain her massive booty. I'm not quite sure if it's alluring or just too much, but it's definitely impossible not to look. And don't you lie, because I know you're looking right now too. Enjoy.

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