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Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pictures Pink Neon Lights the Way to MILFtastic Assitude

Say what you want about BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Leeand her staged bikini photo opportunities, the girl, err, the mom, definitely has the tight body to back up her demand for attention. She also seems to own a good number of bikinis that cover up very little of her PTA hot mom body. Including those seat cheeks of hers that look like they could crack a walnut betwixt them. I should would like to see her try that party trick. I might even have a substitute for a walnut I could recommend.

But, I digress. Such is the nature of this toned and muscular mom that I tend to lose my thought when starting directly at her firm mommy body. Yes, she's being obvious. No, I don't care that she is being obvious. I just find it naughtier. Enjoy.

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