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Is It Wrong to Peek Down Jessica Alba's Top? (That's Rhetorical)

We get few chances these days to catch much skin on the stellar body of the MILFy Jessica Alba. What with her being a super mom and the head of a booming eco-friendly baby products Internet company and all. She's got to appear covered up and proper and prim and all the other forms so very antithetical to the very reasons we lust her deeply.

So, sue me (not literally, please, I'm not good with the whole truth thing) if I'm going to sneak a peek down Jessica's top at the park to catch a glimpse of the funbags she's clearly cut us off from. I'm not suggesting she owes us anything, just that like cats for whom milk has been put out on the porch nightly for years, we're going to whine here a bit when the dairy treats are suddenly cut off. And, we're going to be opportunistic oglers. Let Egotastic! be Egotastic! Enjoy.

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