Hey, Cats, Why Don’t You Love ‘Super Mario 3D World’ Like Your Human Overlords? (VIDEO)

Super Mario World Cat Header
Now, what are the odds of this ending badly?

Dogs are man’s ever-amiable best friend. However many times you throw that damn stick, they’ll bust a ballbag to retrieve it, out of pure lovely loving love. Cats, meanwhile, are the renegade badasses of the animal kingdom. You want that tennis ball back? Go and get it your ‘effing self. With a haughty stare and a casual lick of their own gonads, the message is clear: cats are playthings for no man.

As Youtube funster Mega64 found to his chagrin. Here’s the tale of the quite-probably-fictional ‘Derrick’, a man with an insatiable lust for Super Mario 3D World and/or insanity. Inspired by Mario’s funky new cat suit, he dresses his feline friend in similar attire and tries to make it re-enact scenes from the game.

Needless to say, the cat is having none of this. How Derrick escaped unscathed, without all kinds of claw in his ass, is anybody’s guess. Still, if this guy made video game commercials, the world would be a far more entertaining place.

via Destructoid.