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Helen Flanagan Lingerie Bosomy Blessings from Above

Helen Flanagantruly is an angel descended from the Boobtastic factory in the heavens. She's just a stunning triumph of blonde bombshell in an otherwise unassuming soap opera thespianic persona. While her lingerie pictorial in Nuts magazine might be a bit on the brushed-up side, there's no mistaking the warm tingly feelings Helen can produce in viewers who might, on the off-chance, imagine burrowing their mugs deep into her warm and inviting cleavage. As a random for instance.

Helen, please call me. I have an entire closet-full of silk and lacy bits of clothing for you to try on. You can keep what you like. Just ignore the beeping sound of the homing devices I've stitched into the bras and panties. Enjoy.

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