Grim Reaper Prank Freaks People Out, Every Time! (VIDEO)

Epic Grim Reaper Prank
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Okay, so Halloween has long been over, but with all the stress, hustle, and bustle of every day (read: work), we can all use some comic relief in the form of prank videos. If there’s someone who knows pranks, it’s Jack Vale. He’s been at this for a long time and it shows, as he can pull and get away with a lot of stuff that other people can’t.

What we’ve got here is the grim reaper prank, where he basically freaks people out by donning a grim reaper costume and jumping out onto unsuspecting people on the boardwalk. Sucks for them, but great for us, since their awestruck and downright freaked out reactions are uber-hilarious. Enjoy!