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Girl Auctions Off Her Virginity for $27k

A young woman in Siberia decided that the best way to make some quick cash was to auction off her virginity. Young Shatuniha was hard up for money and working is for stiffs, (ahem). Siberia is still a fairly old school part of the world and virginity is still a prized commodity. So, she put her lady flower on the auction block and got the equivalent of $27,000 for the honor of popping the old hymen. Technically she didn't break any laws as somehow that doesn't constitute prostitution. This girl is friggin' smart. Think about all of the billions of women out there who have given away their virginity for free! Some girls gave it up for a 20 pack of chicken McNuggets and a couple of wine coolers. It would be easy to look down on this young lady for her entrepreneurial spirit, but not me. For having grown up in a former Communist country she sure understands the heart of free-market capitalism.

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