Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Why in Holy Hell is a Giant Xbox One Hatching Zombies?

Yes indeed, the next console generation is almost here. You can positively smell the animosity between Microsoft and Sony, as their pissing contests (not literally, they can’t risk the wind changing and soiling their impeccable business suits) continue to build momentum.

In the last month or so, their competition has largely taken the form of one-upsmanship with crazy-ass shenanigans from their PR departments. When one such slice of weirdness results in the headline Giant Xbox One Opens, Zombies Come Pouring Out (Kotaku), you know Xbox has probably won this one.

For more on that, plus the disturbingly raunchy Battlefield 4 deodorant commercial which came from no-’effing-where, set phasers to gallery perusal.

Kotaku bring us the giant Xbox One and the Grand Theft Auto photographer.

Destructoid supplied the Battlefield 4/AXE adverti-madness.