Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: The Crazy-Ass Musical Guns of ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’(VIDEO)

Gaming's Whacked Out Week- Ghosts Gun Sync
These mountains were shot in the face many, many times.

Did you know ‘gun sync’ was a thing? Well, it is, a completely demented thing, and it’s here to blow your minds. Blow them right off.

As we know, Call of Duty: Ghosts arrived on our telly-boxes earlier this week. How did you celebrate the coming of the latest installment of gaming’s biggest behemoth? Maybe with a binge-y sick day. Maybe with complete indifference. But probably not with gun sync, the peculiar art of using a rocket launcher (or any other firearms you happen to have on hand)to ‘play along’ to music.

An obvious question arises here. But hell, this is the Internet, an insane and mystical land with no room for such logical thoughts as “say what? That’s some stupid shit you’re doing, right there.”

So, today’s Whacked Out Week is dedicated to Ash100HD, who brought us the above madness created in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s oddly hypnotic, oddly tuneful, and just… odd. The most disturbing thing about this whole affair? As Kotaku reveals, it took nine hours to make. Nine hours well spent, we’re sure.