Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Taking Out an Xbox One With a Sniper Rifle, Just Because (VIDEO)

Whacked Out- Destroyed Xbox One Header
Yep, this guy looks like a responsible non-crazy.

Somewhere among the Internet’s vast repertoire of animal JPEGs, you’ll find Toilet Paper Kitty. Toilet Paper Kitty has clawed the hell out of someone’s two-ply supply, and left the remains strewn all over their hall. The picture is captioned because ‘eff you, that’s why.

No, we’re not drunk (although the novelty clock in the office hasn’t moved from ‘beer o’clock’ since 2002), and this is relevant to something. You see, it’s exactly that mentality that causes the bizarre new-console-destruction thing. Sometimes, a friend/relative is on hand to say something like, ‘hey, that’s a brand new $500 console! Why don’t you, y’know, stop being such a dick all the time,’ but when they aren’t, out comes the sniper rifle and the explosives, and that spangly new Xbox One is being destroyed real good.

It’s like a huge middle finger to everybody who will fall foul of a holiday console shortage. A deeply badass fiery middle finger, we’ll concede, but still. Thanks, RatedRR, for being as meticulous as you are ridiculous. You just about edge out dOvetastic to win ‘Best Destroyer of Gadgetry For No Possible Reason At All’ at the Dumbassery Awards.

via Kotaku.