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Dita Von Teese Takes Her Bad Mama Jammas Out for a Show

I feel like I'm going to say that I have a new found respect for Dita Von Teese and then you're going to say that's only because I noticed today how big her funbags are and then I'm going to deny it, but only halfheartedly because it's primarily true. I suppose I run that risk. But... Dita Von Teese did look all gothic and dark and hot over the weekend in her naughty librarian glasses and her top barely contained within a sweater. I can only imagine she's wearing one of those bras from the 1950's that takes twenty minutes and a manual to remove, but, thankfully, I happen to have a free hour and I can decently interpret French.

My on the fence feelings about Dita primarily stem from her teasy burlesque shows. You know how I feel about pasties in general. A tease is a wonderful thing, but it's like ordering the meal with great anticipation. If your food never comes you eventually just become bitter and hungry and you drink too much then beat up a guy from Indianapolis who deserved better. Enjoy.

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