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DeskBeer is an Office Beer Delivery Service

If there's one delivery service that delivers what guys need, it's DeskBeer. The fact of the matter is, work sucks. Because unless you're some hotstuff pr0n star or a photographer who works with the likes of Emily Ratajkowskion a daily basis, then work is of the slave-driving kind that comes complete with an unbearable boss.

So as a special treat for everyone at the office a whole weeks' worth of mundane work, there's DeskBeer. The service delivers a dozen cold ones every Friday for £2.50 (which is around $4 USD) plus tax.

The bad news is that they're only operating in the UK. London, to be specific. The semi-good news is they've been doing good so far, so someone in the US will probably steal borrow their idea and come up with something similar in the States.

Here's to hoping!

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