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Coco Austin and Diana Falzone Are Not Cleavage Shy for Heidi Klum's Halloween Party

Well, Heidi Klum may have dressed up as a decrepit old lady for Halloween (um, why?), but most other sextastic celebrities realize that is their duty to flash their booty come the 31st of October. Including good friends of the Egotastic! family, Coco and Diana Falzone. Bosom buddies if you will, especially last night at Heidi's shindig.

I suppose you could've called them Naughty and Naughtier, with the edge to Coco for wearing the schoolgirl costume for which my extreme affinity earns me many slings and arrows of judgement. I care not. I didn't purchase a rule, a yardstick, and a paddle just to have them sitting gathering dust in my closet. Enjoy.

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