CinemaSins Points Out That 'Pacific Rim' (a Movie About Giant Robots) Has Some Flaws

The gang over at CinemaSins is at it again. This time, they've got Pacific Rim in their sights, and they've compiled a list of everything that's wrong with the film. Personally, I found it hard to believe that a movie about giant robots fighting alien sea monsters has any flaws, but I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong. And apparently, I was wrong. Very wrong.

Is it pointless to drone on and on about a silly sci-fi film that was meant to entertain 13-year-old boys on their summer vacations? Yes, yes it is. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun. After all, there's a difference between suspending disbelief and having a frontal lobotomy.

Does this video mean that Pacific Rim was a bad film? No. It just means that for most people, watching someone nitpick a movie is more entertaining than sitting around and contemplating our meaningless lives. With that in mind, enjoy the clip!

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