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Brandi Glanville and Her Celebrity Rehab Hottie Friend Jennifer Gimenez Hit the Town

If you know Brandi Glanville, then you know an evening out is going to start out with Brandi looking rather fetching for a 40-something mom, and end with Brandi jelly-kneed and needing assistance to a car service to take her home. She does seem to like herself a cocktail or two. But, heck, it was her birthday, and despite being in hot water over recent unflattering comments about Joanna Krupa's lady nest, Brandi decided to let loose. Ironically, she also brought along her Sobriety House friend and former model, Jennifer Gimenez to double up on the hotness for the evening, before the shots I suppose started rolling in steadily.

I'll say this for Brandi, before her legs go wobbly from the spirits, they are a rather fine pair of stems, beneath an ever-chosen short dress for the evening out, a regular source of flashing happy opportunities. Enjoy.

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