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Bella Thorne Goes Leather Crop Top for Midweek Salon Visits

Life as a Disney starlet isn't so much different than life as a Disney actress. Nail salons in Beverly Hills, meeting the boyfriend for lunch dates, walking the show dog, and, of course, showing off in leather crop tops whenever the chance arises. School and all that Jack and Diane high school nonsense is better left for others not starring on Disney TV shows and feature films.

So goes Bella Thorne, the ginger that the Mouse House tapped to replace Miley Cyrus when Miley got too, well, grown up Miley. Which means that Bella must contain her partying and wild exhibitionist ways for a little while longer before she gets into her own Wrecking Ball type years. For now, just leading the life of a young independent woman well beyond her years. Enjoy.

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