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Bacon Deodorant: 24-Hour Meat Protection

Bacon isn't just the best meat product in the world. It also happens to be the one food item that has inspired the creation of multitudes of products that aren't meant to be eaten, which you wouldn't expect since it's bacon after all. Take bacon toothpaste an example. Sure, you can brush your teeth with it and swallow some foam accidentally (or accidentally on purpose) but it obviously wasn't made for eating. The same goes for eau de bacon.

The latest bacon-inspired product is bacon deodorant. It's a stick deodorant that's infused with the meaty fresh scent of bacon, and it promises 24 hours of protection when it's smoothed over your pits. Heads will turn and tongues will roll every time you walk by, emanating the delicious scent of bacon.

Check It Out: $9.99

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