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Arianny Celeste Bikini Candid Madness from Miami Beach

Any time we get to see the UFC rings girls outside of the sweaty man venue of the MMA fights, it's always a treat. Any time they are doing so in hot body baring bikinis, it's a double treat. I mean, I see at least two sweet delights on the hot body of Arianny Celeste, cruising and strutting her fine female form along the beach in Miami over the weekend.

I'm not prepared to say that the action outside the ring is more exciting than inside, mostly because I don't want to take a flying elbow to the face from a 200 lb. Brazilian (unless it's a lady, then I'd pay for the privilege), but I must admit were I attending a UFC event live, my focus would be heavily toward the likes or Arianny and Brittney. Just check out the ridiculously sextastic body on Arianny as Exhibit A in my defense. Enjoy.

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