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Ariana Grande Leggy Hot in London

I know the Ariana Grande lust runs deep in certain parts of the Egotastic! landscape. I read the crayon formed letters of desperate pleas for more Ariana. They're kind of like children's books mixed with letters from cellmates with a tremendous depth of knowledge of vulgar terms for boinking. Interesting.

But I completely understand the passion behind wanting more more more Ariana Grande, the starlet turned all-grow'd up starlet who loves to flash her gams in short skirts and fun little 'I'd make a super hot girlfriend' type outfits. Like Ariana was doing outside the BBC1 Radio station in London leaving a promo in one of her trademark leg-highlighting ensembles. Yes, I used the work leg-highlighting.

For many of you, I know this will make your day. Which makes me almost as happy as if Ariana were standing in my office now asking me if she looked okay. I'd know exactly what to say. Enjoy.

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