Alessandra Ambrosio Pilates Stretching For Mind and Body and Did We Mention Body

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You don't think these model bodies we ogle daily rain down from heaven perfectly honed already, do you? Well, I used to, until I was old enough to know better. Like maybe 25. It was then I realized that these girls have to sweat and stretch and perfect their Mother Nature granted gifts to offer the very best views of their spectacular female forms.

Take Alessandra Ambrosio. I know I would like to. This slender MILF doesn't just pop down the Pringle and throw back the brewskis and end up with a tight butt and killer legs. Oh, no, she's hitting the yoga and Pilates circuit something hardcore along with her celebrity sextastic cohorts. We're fortunate to catch this glimpse of her doing something with pulleys and levers and other physics homework items I couldn't be bothered to learn about. Now, had a sweaty Alessandra been the homework photo example, perhaps I would have paid more attention. Enjoy.

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