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WatchMojo Bring us the Top 10 Horror-fying Video Games... Apparently (VIDEO)

Halloween, as we know, is a time of thrills, chills and rabid candy-purchasing to placate the little bastards who totally do know we're home. Has stealthily cowering inside with the lights off and drapes closed ever worked? It hasn't, so if you don't want flaming bags of dog crap left on your doorstep (the first graders around here are an angry bunch), you'll man up and bust out a few Hershey bars.

It's also a time for the obligatory celebration of everything horror-centric. We've suggested several Halloweentastic games that will fill you with the bowel-loosening spirit of the holiday (see Soul Sacrifice, REmake, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Lone Survivor), but now it's WatchMojo's turn. Behold, from the dusty depths of their archives, the Top 10 Horror-Themed Video Games.

Tongues are firmly in cheek here, as Zombies Ate My Neighbors made the list while Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and the like are conspicuous by their absence. Still, feast your eyeballs.

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