The New Servers Are Here, Yay (Kinda Sorta)

If you're reading this, you probably don't have problems accessing the site. Ipso facto or something Spanish like that. But you probably do have a buddy or a brother or a Sapphic leaning aunt who might, so if they're having trouble reaching the site, you can tell them how to hopefully remedy that situation.

When we switched to new servers at the end of last week, our new address officially became from just plain old While most ISPs and Google and such automatically recognize this difference, not every service provider does. And plain old points to our old servers still. While every ISP and router and such will eventually and point to the new server location, this could take days or weeks or even months if you're on Tibetan AOL.

So, simply direct them to change their bookmarks to for all their sextastic needs. They might also want to clear out their cache. This should cover 99% of people. The other 1%, well, there's always taking walks and spending time with your family. Eesh.


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