The Latest Tech-tastic ‘Titanfall’ Trailer Tantalizes… With Big ol’ Angry Mechs (VIDEO)

Titanfall Trailer Header
Run, Forrest, Run!

What’s the one thing we all need on another ballache of a Monday morning? A whole lot of alliteration, apparently. Not to mention a giant sci-fi robo war. That’s actually two things, of course, only one of which is utter and unadulterated badass. So we’ll settle for just the latter. Which is your cue, Titanfall.

This is the first venture from Respawn Entertainment, and was introduced at this year’s E3. It is, we’re reliably informed, a revitalizing kick to the ‘nads of the FPS genre. A huge, steely kick, from a forty foot tall mecha death-bot. Of death. You can ride these giant angry bastards (the ‘Titans’), and trample your foes into a sad, blood-leaking heap of pain on the sidewalk.

What more do you need to know? Nothing, that’s what. It’s the guntacular warfare we know and love, with a heaping helping of extra drama. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this footage from this weekend’s EB Games Expo in Sydney, you’ll shit. Don’t worry though, we’re right there with you.

Via destructoid.