Sylvie Van Der Vaart Bikinis in Blue for the Killer Wrap on a Week of Hotness

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Another day, another sweet bikini peek of Dutch model and TV hostess Sylvie Van Der Vaartin Miami. I guess she packed a whole bunch of bikinis for her vacation, the kind of multi-bikini vacation we've come to lust here at Egotastic! God forbid she'd have to wear the same bikini twice in a week with so many oglers giving her their Herculean eyeball attentions.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart has climbed our charts this week from 'Hey, who's that hot Dutch chick again?' to 'Holy hot bodied moms, Batman, Sylvie is flashing her tight body on the beach again!. That's quite a climb. I'd love to be directly below her as she makes it. Enjoy.

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