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Suki Waterhouse Bikini Pictures Introduce Bradley Cooper's Latest Young Conquest

Now that Suki Waterhouse isn't a presence in her own right. At just 21-years old, a big time force in the fashion modeling world with the talents of being good looking, staring blankly into the distance, having dramatic eyebrows, and not tripping in heels. But, she just vaulted to brand new levels of fame by taking a public exhibition bikini vacation with Bradley Cooper, one of the world's most eligible bachelors and completely lucky bastards. I'd like to Freaky Friday with Bradley for like a week or so of his good life.

But, for now, there's always ogling and inspecting the relatively new, fine form of Suki Waterhouse. It doesn't seem like exactly a real name, but the parts seem to be all hers. I'd have to dry her off fully to state that definitively. Oh, that I had the chance to do that. Enjoy.

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