Sony Gets Musical With This Crazy ‘Perfect Day’ PS4 Commercial (VIDEO)

Perfect Day PS4 Ad Header
Living the dream, courtesy of PS4. Apparently.

Recently, the Tokyo Game Show brought us A Day With PlayStation. This PR-tacular ad showed how PlayStation 4 will enhance your life, and the cause of world peace itself, in an actual tangible way. You too can get yourself a trendy new Asian guy BFF with a ponytail, we were told, simply by owning this wondrous device.

Naturally, what do you say to an offer like that? You say sign me the hell up, mother effer, is what you say.

Now, though, with precisely a month remaining until the console’s release, Sony are busting a nut to sell this thing to us in… even more demented ways. Behold the above weirdness, for instance: two wacky funsters transporting themselves into Killzone: Shadow Fall and other PS4 games, while singing along to Perfect Day. It’s like watching a (very brief) musical, except we didn’t feel the need to punch our own eyes and ears in the face while witnessing it.

via Kotaku.