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Shocktoberfest: Walk Nekkid Through This Haunted House of Horrors

There are two things that people look forward to when October finally rolls around: Okterberfest and Halloween. If you think about it, the first doesn't really count though, since every month is a booze fest if you hang with the right crowd. As for the second one, well, now you're talking.

Changing haunted houses forever is Shocktoberfest, a 'premier haunted screen park' in Pennsylvania. They've filled their haunted house to the brim with horrors that can make you crap your pants, only you're going to have to crap without your pants because they're making you go through it without your clothes.

It's called the 'Naked and Scared Challenge' and it's all sorts of crazy. The house is going to be pitch dark, so no one's going to see your privates (and unfortunately, you can't see theirs, too.) There are a hundred and one things that can go wrong with doing something like this...but maybe that's when the fun begins.

For people who aren't comfy with the nude option, they can drop by earlier in the evening for the 'prude' option, where they keep their clothes on while getting the sh't scared out of them.

Check It Out: Shocktoberfest

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