‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ Leaves us Nuts Deep in Barbarian Blood in New Trailer (VIDEO)

Ryse- Son of Rome Story Trailer Header
Sporting manly skirts as only the legions could.

Back in the days of yore, the Romans were at war with… every other bastard on the planet. If they hadn’t invaded the lands of seventeen different hairy-faced tribes before breakfast, they considered the day already wasted and retired to their villas for an orgy/banquet/Orgy Banquet.

It’s hardly a ball-busting shock, then, to see that Ryse: Son of Rome is the bloodiest, stab-happy-est title in Xbox One’s release repertoire. We’ve already seen gameplay littered with charmingly brutal finishing moves (indeed, the naysayers are already bitching that this is pretty well all the gameplay consists of), but what of the story that binds this gladius-to-the-gonads combat together?

You may be expecting a standard issue tale of a pissed off general, his murdered family and the quest for vengeance which ensues. You’d be damn well spot on, right there. Destructoid reports that the game tells “…the bloody tale of Damocles. He was a Roman centurion who was betrayed by Roman generals and left for death, before coming back from the Underworld for revenge. Marius, the game’s protagonist, is told Damocles’ story by his father, and given a dagger. Shortly thereafter, Marius’ family is murdered, and he’s left with the dagger to guide him on his quest.”

In short, what we have here is the first half of the Gladiator story inside another first half of the Gladiator story. If that idea hasn’t already broken your brain, peruse the new trailer above.

Via Destructoid.