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Paris Hilton Flashes Halloween Cleave Homaging Miley Cyrus (And Flashes Booty Cheeks in Stretch Pants)

Oh, Billionaire Barbie, you are such a cut up. For Halloween Week (and, let's face it, it's now a week), Paris Hilton went all meta on Miley Cyrus and dressed up in the scandalous animal costume Miley wore at the VMAs when twerking herself to fame and fortune. Heck, it was a Playboy party, so why not bare some serious skin. There's a lot of competition to be had at a Mansion party around the holidays and Billionaire Barbie does not like to come in second place.

Just shopping around town the day before, Paris flashed an unusual amount of stretch pants exhibition, including some butt cheeks that look like they've been getting a decent workout.

The bone yoga pants didn't provide any real camel toe, but they keep the paparazzi rolling on Paris all weekend long. She is no newcomer to the publicity scene. Enjoy.

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