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Nikki Leigh Sexy Swimsuit Pimping for Continued Bottled Water Service

This 138 Water thing is pimping up a storm like no product I can really recall. They're conducting photoshoots with steamy hot ladies on the beach or in the desert nearly daily it seems now. Taking another bit at the commercial shoot apple is the sextastic Nikki Leigh, who looks hella good in a swimsuit, so they decided to let her body rip on the beach in Laguna while making it seems like their bottled water is the nectar of the gods.

I'm not so sure about that last part, but I am pretty certain Nikki Leigh is good at pushing product. I can't think of a single thing I'd not buy if she told me to, to my face, or whilst gazing into other parts. The power of a hot woman with a fine female form is truly amazing. Enjoy.

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