Nicki Minaj Flaunting Her Road-Hugging Curves By Her Pink Lambo

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You can't get much more dramatic in the curvaceous department than Nicki Minaj. The American Idol judge and all-around S-shaped diva was showing off her bodacious booty and ridonkulous rack next to an eye-catching pink Lamborghini, I guess, just because you've got to have one of those somewhere in your collection (please, don't any of you mortals ever paint your Lamborghini pink or the world will owe you a beat down).

Nicki Minaj has managed to rise about tawdry accusations of her past, and current accusations of unfriendly behavior on her show sets, to be just so damn passion inducing, nobody really cares to know about her behavior any longer. If you're looking at Nicki and wondering if she might be a high maintenance girlfriend, you're way over-thinking this. Enjoy.

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