Lisalla Montenegro Wicked Wicked Hot Working Construction in Esquire

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I'm not exactly sure where 'Construction Worker' falls into the pantheon of naughty hot female visual cliches, but after Brazilian model Lisalla Montenegro in Esquire magazine, I'm going to say it now belongs in top ten discussions. Maybe right after hottie lifeguard and just before lascivious looking flight attendant.

Baseball fans might also be aware that Lisalla is the soon to be wife of Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson. C.J. is a famously straight and narrow guy who worked his tail off to live his dream of being a major league ball player. I suppose you could call Lisalla his hard-work reward.  Or, you could say his $78 million contract was his reward, and Lisalla followed along shortly thereafter. Either way, let me just add the note, 'you lucky lucky bastard'. She is just crazy hot. Enjoy.

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