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Lady Gaga Gets Nekkid Onstage in London (Because She Can)

After a week long celebration of bizarre costumery in Europe, Lady Gaga figured it was time to just take it all off onstage at the G-A-Y nightclub in London. Based upon the name of the venue, I'm going to go ahead and say her bodily virtue was left fairly sacrosanct, but I'm sure she still got quite a bit of kudos and British type bravos for going Fully Monty beneath the spotlight.

Lady Gaga did kind of run backstage immediately, preventing cameras from capturing her bare gaga and mostly capturing her bare cheeks. Nevertheless, most pop divas still don't take off all their clothes onstage last I remember. Even Miley hasn't tried that yet. I'm not sure if this is a sign of desperation or just Lady Gaga loving to be nekkid in public, or, you know, quite possibly both. Enjoy.

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