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Keyara Red Hot Knit Bikini Pictures Barely Contain Her Water Pimping Goodies

Keyarais back. We're still not exactly sure who she is, but we know we like her. (Thanks to EgoReader 'Jess' for pointing out that she has a Facebook page, in case you want to follow or stalk her). Keyara has one stellar and unconfined type bikini body, on display once more for 138 Water photoshooting in Malibu. We still have no clue who these water people are, but they sure do seem to like girls with bodacious yabbos, so I suppose that means their water should taste pretty decent.  Or something like that.

Keyara, you just keep on doing exactly what you're doing. I'm currently knitting you a new bikini. It's a bit smaller than your current red one, in fact, it's pretty tiny, almost non-existent if you will. I can't wait to see you model it in my McMansion somewhere in the overnight hours after they've stopped showing replays of ball games. I do have a schedule after all. Enjoy.

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