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She's one of the sweetest looking Swedes around, and she's not even blonde. Go figure. Johanna Lundback is simply one of the purest hottest lingerie and swimwear models throughout all the seven kingdoms, a triumph of genetics and a knowing brunette naughty smile all packaged in bras and panties and some swimwear for the Nelly line.

While there is some post-production work to sleek up the photos, let's face it, it's far tougher to be at the center of a photoshoot of you, your body, some little nothing clothes, and blank backdrop, then it is some ornate, artsy, dolled up set and wardrobe. The lingerie model is flying high out there without a net, though I would gladly volunteer to be the net beneath Johanna. Oh that she would fall ever so firmly, but not lethally, upon me. It would be like one hundred Christmas mornings all wrapped up into one skyrocket moment. Enjoy.

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