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Jessica Biel Yoga Pants With a Hint of Toe To Brighten Your Day

Sometimes I feel like a farmer waiting for the rain to come. You wait and wait and then in the most unexpected moment, the fertility gods rain heavenly life sustaining droplets upon your seed. Jessica Biel has been a literal no show pretty much since she got married, turning into something of a reclusive marm save for some red carpet and fancy appearances where she's been in seventeen layers of clothing covering up her sweet award-winning body.

But, now, thanks to work on set of her new film, and the blessed sanctity of yoga pants, Jessica Biel is back and ogle-worthy, even the cleft of her camel toe trying to peek out after a long period of dormancy.

You can hide yourself off from the world all you like, but you can never contain the sextastic. It's like truth, justice, and John Travolta, it will eventually come out. Enjoy.

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